"I absolutely like the work that they’ve done. I made some big wreaths myself and they did a great job of placing them on the Austin rock for my 2 story home. It’s important to mention that they are more affordable than anyone else out there who hangs and stores lights and decorations. " - Suzette F.

"I have used them for two or three years now. It’s not really expensive. Joshua suggested that I use colored lights since I had a white stone house. I chose the LED lights for the front roof line. It was nice and even and I liked the crisp colors of the lights. It was a classy look, not like the “Griswald” look; understated and elegant, that is, festive with an upper class look. They did a good job. At one point, one of the strands wasn’t working, I called, and they came back out and fixed it right away. I didn’t have to call them again. The next time I turned them on they worked. I am going to use them every year.

It's great that you don't have to take them down. They came back and took them down for me. Then all I had to do the next year was call them when I was ready. When I came home it was done. That's one thing on your Christmas list you don't have to do!" - Laura W.

"They did a beautiful job! They were great to work with and we really enjoyed them. They came back and cleaned up and did extra work for us. We really liked them!"
- Brenda Laurent

"They did a great job of installing bistro lights in the backyard between the outdoor patio overhang and the cabana. I wanted a starburst radiating out from a center point – a criss-cross French Bistro look, but didn’t know how to explain it. They are good at bringing it to life and helping your vision come out to transcend aesthetically. They give you ideas. I checked with a few companies, but felt I was going to get a better job with them. The installation was fast and easy and I’m happy with it overall. They are creative, artistic, and you can tell they are professional and care about what they are doing. They were great to work with and did a great job. We were very happy!"
- Brandi

“Josh has done such great work for me. I really want to acknowledge how happy I am with his work. I have a restaurant on Rainey Street, and I’m the sole proprietor, with a limited budget, but I really wanted to create an ambience that was unique and beautiful. Josh really heard me out and we made this whole plan of action, and how he would work with my budget and make it spectacular. Sometimes it is hard for me to find people who can work in those parameters, and he was just brilliant with it. I brought in these lanterns and he converted them into electrical lighting fixtures and had them hung all over the place. He also introduced me to other ideas, such as how to create subtle lighting effects that really changed the presence of the restaurant. I was super happy with the results and he’s just been very good about figuring out what should come first and prioritizing.”
- Sidney Roberts, G’Raj Mahal, Austin, Texas


The Light Guys in Austin TX offers outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, lighting installation, Christmas & holiday light installation, LED lights and more. We are a fully licensed and insured locally owned company that will meet all of your landscape, event, and Christmas lighting needs.

With over nine years of experience in residential and commercial landscape design maintenance, we are uniquely qualified to ensure that your landscape lighting project accentuates your home in the best possible

We will work with you to bring your dreams to reality on the day of your event. Nothing will transform your venue into a magical space like a custom light design from our specialist. No matter what the theme of your party is, we can create the perfect ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy.